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Monica Mohammad Amin first met Anita in one of her AKC Canine Good Citizen classes. She is now an AKC CGC Evaluator and helps with many of the classes. Her son Anthony recently took a group of three dogs to a local AKC hunt test passing all three tests and eating Junior Hunter titles on two of the dogs.
“What impressed me most about her was how this sweet, soft spoken, tiny lady could take the leash of any wild, out of control, ill mannered dog and instantaneous, miraculously before my eyes make that same dog calm down and follow her lead and direction,” said Amin. “It happens time and time again in various classes. I always say I don’t know how she does it, but I do know how she does it. It’s her calm assertive energy that she exudes along with her years and years of experience working with hundreds and hundreds of dogs. She can read a dog like no other and know exactly how to help it with any behavior issue it may be having.”
"I cannot say enough about Anita. She is absolutely wonderful & is truly amazing with dogs. She trained our lab a few years ago & he is a great retriever. We left him with her for 4 months visiting on the weekends. There was never a doubt in my mind that he was being treated like her own. I highly recommend Dolce Vita for training, obedience or boarding." - Lindsey Blair
"We took our Chocolate Lab Fischer here and Anita did a fantastic job on both obedience and retrieving training. I highly recommend Dolce Vita Retrievers for all your dog training needs!"- Joe Linn
Pictured below are past dogs we have trained for hunting.
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